Mini Workshop: Find the Magic In YOU

Early Bird Special:  $53. / after Sept. 14: $63

Ready for some discoveries of being in the “right now”, to spark and open the doors to your gratitude of YOU, to fall in love with YOU?

The magical key to the love you give and receive is gratitude…beaming straight from your heart.

Gain some solid stepping stones to find and express gratitude for your true nature. Start the journey of falling in love with YOU with guideposts from Hawaiian Huna. The seven principles that define how to create a positive flow of gratitude and love straight to the door of your heart.

This mini workshop gives you some “how tos” to get into that magical present moment of you with:

  • Balancing YOU into the present moment: quick learnings in the 7 principles or way of life from Huna Philosophy (ancient Hawaiian way of life.)

  • Touching YOU with guided meditations to assist you in being in the present moment and in gratitude consciousness.

  • Expressing YOU with short journaling exercise for gratitude writing.

So jump on in, fall in love with YOU…connect up with your true nature with some wisdom of Huna and Harmony stepping stones.

•  Online zoom format (you will receive link prior to class)
•  Date: Sunday, Sept. 19. 2021

•  Time: 10AM – 1:30PM PDT (includes 30 minute lunch break)

EARLY BIRD Fee: $53. via PayPal (until Sept. 14) 
AFTER SEPT 14: $63.
Fee is non refundable
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WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING: YOU, as well as a small writing journal and pen for notes and journaling. This workshop will not be recorded.

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2021 Chinese New Year of the OX Workshop

We had a great time bringing in new energy for this 2021 new year with "cures", positive intent, and some Ox "magic". Thanks to all who participated, and a happy new year to all!

Here are a few thoughts about the mini workshop:

Cathy - Ventura, CA

"Thank you Paula for an exceptional workshop that supported me to get focused for the year!

I am grateful to learn exactly what will help me stay in balance and red flags to watch for if I stray.  Your guidance with the meditations, teaching on how to use and integrate colors, stones, candles, lucky food, plants, charms into my life and my home is grounding and fun!  Each process, tool and meditation is a Blessing to bring into my home.  I feel your ability to share the wisdom and teachings allow me and everyone who attended the receive in a natural way that flows from you to us.   Your energy is nourishing and I felt energized after your workshop, rather than drained as I have felt with others.  I look forward to your next offering."

Rheta - Ojai, CA

"If you have a chance….
Experience Paula Brown’s wealth of knowledge.. by taking one of her classes."

Jean - Orange, CA

For more info about my Feng Shui services and energetic work, please contact me via email at:

Animal Spirit Guide Workshop just happened...

We found, talked with, and brought back our guides with their messages, symbols and support in the most recent Animal Spirit Guide Workshop. Connecting up, feeling, and knowing soul connections all in this online / Zoom unique, personal, and sharing experience.

Here are some words describing the workshop and journey:
In ONE word:






More words:
"Thank you Paula for setting such a safe place and guiding us through a transformational journey to meet our Spirit Animal Teacher.  This experience led me to a deep connection with my teacher who is now with me gently opening my heart and eyes to the path that is the highest and best for me.  I am very grateful to you and look forward to more workshops."

Tah , Ojai, CA

How to experience my next Animal Spirit Guide Workshop: Simply email me to get on the list, I will be planning the next journey soon!:

From The Heart of Conversation / Paula Brown:
Next Fur Folk Talk Class: 2021

Special Offer:  TBD / one payment

Are you interested in learning to actually
"talk" to Fur Folks? You can!

YES!  Jump into this 9 session class and begin to learn how to talk, feel, and listen with your heart.  No experience needed. Feel love's Heart to Heart direct connection as you touch your fur love's heart with your heart by taking this AMAZING opportunity to learn "Fur Folk Talk". By learning the basic process of Animal Communications you can break free of feeling seperated and not connected to your fur loves, and get directly connected to their love, joy, and purpose. And ... heart to heart connections help you receive their gift to connect you to your worth, your deep nature to open your heart to all the loving connections that surround you!

What you will discover in these 9 sessions:

Workshop sessions TBD after 10 people join...proposed to be held on Sunday late afternoon.
his 9 session beginner course will take you from “talking from your head” to opening up your “heart talk” zone. Discover “how” animal and nature communications can give you intuitive clarity, find comfort, connection, hope, confidence, and valuable effective new perspectives, from heart to heart talk. Each class will cover basic methods and interactive exercises, on how to connect with Fur Folks, what to do and also what not to do.
Start mastering Fur Folk Talk by learning how to intuitively listen, feel, send and respond with “heart talk” communications. Open your heart and head to love, calm, peace, and joy!

About Paula

There is deep healing wisdom coming 24/7 from our pets and nature. Connecting clearly with nature for the whole of my life has been my expression of truth. Officially doing business as an animal communicator for 20 years plus, I have had the honor to facilitate deep heart to heart healing connections between pets and their people.
      I am Paula Brown / Animal Communicator / Heartist / Author. My purpose is to provide clarity and love with communications that ignite mutual heart to heart connections from pets to their people. With my business “The Heart of Conversation”, my Fur Folk communications hold loving solutions that bring understanding, comfort, healings and harmony, for both fur and non-fur folks.
      My purpose is to bring you clear and precious heart connection communications that answer and help find both cause and solutions to behavior, emotional, physical challenges. Telepathic and energic reads connect the gifts, needs, and hearts of people and their pets both in the physical as well with passed over fur folks. Real understanding of your personal purpose comes from finding your pets purpose, physical and emotional needs.
      Spreading the word of animal connections into our lives and habitats is my book “Fur Shui. An Introduction to animal feng shui.” A joy to write, illustrate, and find in the US, Canada, UK, and translated to Italian. “Fur Shui” and I have had a great journey from TV Interviews (The CBS Early Show), to national and international Radio Shows (Martha Stewarts' Sirius Radio, etc.). Let the good “Fur Chi” flow!
      For more about me and my work, visit my website at:
The Heart of Conversation / Paula Brown You Tube channel:

With Gratitude, Paula Brown

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Special Offer:  TBD / one payment

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